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We're psyched now that we can finally talk about our favorite vehicles of the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon: the style wagons. These pimped-out minivans were our favorite part of the 2005 Tokyo Auto Salon, and after the disappointingly small number of VIP vans at the '06 show, we thought that the trend was dead. It turns out that the pimp-wagon scene was just resting, as VIP vans seemed to dominate the 2007 show.

So what makes a minivan a "style wagon"? Basically, a style wagon is a VIP-styled minivan. As is the case with VIP sedans, most style wagons have a simple white or black paint scheme (though silver is also acceptable), tasteful aero kits, large chrome wheels and no fender gap. Within the style wagon scene, the main vans of choice seem to be the Honda Odyssey, Nissan Elgrand and the Toyota Estima. Though Americans would look at any of these rides as "just a minivan", the massive size of these vans allows Japanese tuners to let their minds run wild. Though these vans have subtle and tasteful exteriors, these style wagons boasted the wildest (yet tasteful) interiors and the craziest audio/video systems. Let's take a minute to check some of them out.

It was common to see 10-plus monitors in most of these vans. Unlike what we see here in the States (and Europe), Japanese coachbuilders somehow found a way to cram a s***load of monitors into these vans without turning any of them DUB-show reject eyesores. Who could have thought that an interior packed with 25 monitors could still somehow look understated and reserved?

Lounge-like interiors and 50-inch flat screens were common in many of these vans. Our favorite Pimp My Ride-shaming interior belonged to luxury tuner Fabulous; these guys didn't just stop at a 50-inch plasma and leather recliners - they installed marble flooring!

Toyota Estimas are still huge in Japan. One of our favorites is this Sexy Custom Estima. No, we didn't make that name up.

Check out the sexy demon camber!

With Americans jocking drifting and VIP fashion, we're surprised that we don't see any tricked-out Previas at Los Angeles car shows. C'mon, Previas are cheap, and anyone that sports a minivan this fresh could easily win any Hot Import Nights/Import Showoff.

Not every minivan was designed for luxury. Here's another picture of the Takero's time-attack Odyssey.

And here's the NISMO-tuned Elgrand.

Style wagon-tuning wasn't limited to minivans. Kei cars are now getting in on the act. These 660cc rides are sporting all the luxuries that their van/sedan siblings have, just in a smaller package.

The first thing any car needs is a new set of wheels. Billet Star Japan was showing off its 17-inch rims designed specifically for these Kei cars.

Many of these Kei cars had really creative interiors. The Daihatsu cabin you see here is pretty understated, but it is accurate for the VIP scene. Note the luxury cupholders on the door and dash. Every VIP van/sedan/kei car had these cupholders, so we're guessing that you'll need a set in your car if you want to do VIP style right. Add some champagne bottles if you want to be a true VIP baller.

If you want to be on the true bleeding edge of all that is JDM, you'll go out and buy a Previa and turn it into a style wagon similar to the ones you will be seeing in our Image Gallery. Don't waste your time with a 240 or GS430 - every loser and his mom has one of those. Be the ultimate in JDM and get a minivan!

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